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Export canvas as an image

I've been tinkering with generative art in p5.js. In this article I'll describe how I exported my art from the browser.

Learning U.S. keyboard layout

I've tried to learn U.S. keyboard layout many times. I've been recommended it probably a thousand time. I understand the benefits, many characters are more accessible on U.S. keyboard layout.

Disable Gutenberg blocks in WordPress

In order to provide a better user experience in WordPress Gutenberg editor, you can disable unnecessary or unused block types.

Upload images to GitHub

This is how I upload images to GitHub using issues. Instead of pushing images to your repository you can upload your images directly to GitHub's CDN.

Dark Mode with Tailwind

Before I started building this blog I knew that I wanted to support both light and dark mode. In this post I'll share how I implemented dark mode with Tailwind.

What I've learned as a teacher

I've learned that grades are stupid, tests are boring, taking breaks are important, keep lectures short and let students work on real projects.